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How to Find the Best Sportbike Tires

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    In this era, technology is growing at a groundbreaking speed, and sportbikes aren’t left behind. Sportbikes are speedily increasing globally because they conjoin race and speed alongside vast open road freedom.

    Its versatility is unrivaled, whereby it acts as a weekend night bike and commuter on weekdays. This is why Sportbike tire manufacturing brands address these riding styles via curating subtle features and innovative technology. Hence they make sets that satiate a specific riding style with sufficient versatility.   

    It is noteworthy that tire technology has gigantically improved with rubber compounds and new models existing annually. Impliedly, that without tires, the transportation industry wouldn’t be as huge as it is now. 

    That said, in as much as tires are very fundamental in automobiles, in our case, Sportbikes, they are challenging and complex to purchase and maintain effortlessly. Without further ado, this article will answer all your questions, give the best recommendations, and seek to guide sport bikers in their sport biking endeavors.

    What are the types of motorcycle tires?

    motorcycle tires

    Touring Tires

    Should you be frequently riding long distances, it is unequivocally necessary to get the best touring motorcycle tires. Touring tires possess a flatter profile, unlike Sportbike tires to ease stability along straight lines. 

    Featuring harder rubber, these tires are meant to be durable and long-lasting. However, this makes them have a slightly lesser grip. Enormous touring bikes possess bias-ply- high profile tires to bear the bike’s weight and handle bumps effortlessly.   

    Sportbike Tires

    Sportbikes need a tire that is super grippy and agile. The best tires for sportbikes are usually radially constructed for enhanced heat dissipation. Also, they possess a vast tread pattern that is low profile hence making them best for super-tight handling. 

    Cruiser Tires

    Enormous cruisers utilize high profile types of tires to enhance comfort whilst cruisers rely on sportier tires to perform better.

    Cruiser tires also possess traction and stability on both dry and wet road surfaces. Generally, it all boils down to what riding you like and other associated preferences. It is wise to liaise with the manufacturer to determine what is best for you.

    ADV Tires

    ADV tires work best for adventurous riders. They work well on ice and mud as well. The required tire needs to be versatile and possess the capability to provide smooth asphalt –rides and deep treading for any given off-roading. Generally, it has to be comfy on lengthy highway stretches while also supporting moderate heavyweight loads. 

    Dual-Sport Tires

    These tire types are typically intended for gripping various terrain types and are knobby. They possess several tractions and best serve off-roading needs.

    If you want to climb dirt or sandy hills, this is the best option. However, they aren’t intended for your lengthy highway trips since they are uncomfortable and loud. Besides, they don’t perform perfect cornering too.  

    Motorcross and Off-Road Tires

    Should you be riding off-road solely, it would be best to consider knobby motocross tires that possess perfect dirt traction. Such tires have great treads that delightedly wrap around to provide optimum grip.

    Nevertheless, some of the motocross tires designated for softer terrains are typically tall and don’t have big knobs. The ones that run on challenging terrain are slightly lower and have tight spaced knobs.  

    What are the Key Features of Sportbike tires?

    bike tire

    Pattern and Tread

    Tread is the tire part that is in contact with the road surface. At the same time, the pattern consists of channels and grooves which cut into treads.

    For instance, street tires have patterns intended to easily direct water from the tire to preempt grip-lose. Unlike street tires, racing slicks don’t have patterns and are entirely tread, which helps off-roading rides. 


    Tire size varies depending on the motorcycle and riding type you do. To get the best results, go for tires that possess similar sizes to the OEMs. If you opt for wider tires to harness more grip, ensure you counter check with the manufacturer to get a bit larger tire that will not compromise performance and safety. 

    Radial versus BIAS-PLY 

    It is noteworthy that radial tires possess steel belts that graciously run at about 90 degrees to the tread centerline. They have better traction and are rigid compared to bias-ply types of tires.

    However, they aren’t durable. On the other hand, bias-ply possesses nylon tires run at about 30 – 45 degrees angle to the centerline of the tread. Besides, they offer effortless rides and are also good at carrying heavyweight loads. 

    Tubeless vs Tube

    You can expect Tubeless tires to be stronger and stiffer yet run cooler. Also, they are the best for performance. In the case of the puncture, their deflation is slower compared to the tube tires.

    This effectively enables you to control your motorcycle easily. You can ride on them comfortably. Also, tube tires are a bit cheaper and are found commonly on spooked-wheeled vintage bikes.  

    What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Sportbike Tire?

    Tires unequivocally determine a lot of motorcycle parameters.  Power transmission output is wholly dependent on the tread pattern and tire pattern.

    Should you be contemplating where to purchase the best Sportbike tires, Amazon is the best way to go. That said, in your endeavors of trying to buy Sportbike tires, there are some factors to consider. Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing Sportbike tires.

    Thread Pattern

    The tires’ threading pattern determines a motorcycle’s friction attainable on road surfaces. What this means is that it is this threading pattern that wholly determines the grip between the road and the tire.  

    NOTE; Threading pattern shouldn’t be light without friction. That’s a myth. It may increase the speed, but there will be reduced grip, consequently implying drifting and skidding. To preempt such extremities, go for a suitable tread pattern that provides your motorcycle with grip and optimum speed. 

    Tire Diameter

    The diameter of a tire is dependent entirely on how the Sportbike is. Standard sportbikes usually use similar tire diameters. Nonetheless, should your vehicle possess a larger wheelbase or is customizable, its tire diameter can decrease or increase. Therefore it is best to look at the Sportbike manual before purchasing the best Sportbike tires. 

    Tire Material

    The material of a tire determines how durable the tire will be eventually. If you are a regular rider, the chances are that the tires will wear out speedily, unexpectedly.

    It is best to purchase Sportbike tires curated of great material and with incredibly advanced polymers to preempt the chances of giving up midway while riding. So to prevent this, it is better to get tires made with advanced polymers.

    Typically tires are curated of rubber compounds that possess an excellent grip on wet and dry roads. Nonetheless, utilizing Silica additively enhances tire grip on muddy and wet surfaces. A tire’s durability is dependent on some layers. If the layer numbers are high, then the durability is impeccable. 

    Tire Grip

    Do not confuse this with tire patterns. Tire grip is an extra feature a tire provides. A tire might inherit such features from advanced technology and use materials and thread patterns when designing the tire. The four main types of tire grips are Wet, High, Medium, and Low. 

    Undeniably speed is highly dependent on the grip, and tires with better grip tend to wear and tear out easily. That’s because of applied high friction that gets in contact during riding. Wet grip types of tires are peculiarly unique and possess a similar speed to the medium tires. They additionally offer extra grip on damp and wet roads.  


    The above-discussed factors determine the durability of a tire. Some tires tend to support lengthy rides for lengthy periods, while others simply cannot. Nevertheless, search for the best tires with outstanding durability to get value for your money.


    Unavoidably, pricing is also vital in our guide. As earlier stated, tires will determine the functionality of your Sportbike. Regardless of whether it is either slow or speedy, low or high maneuverability, you need to select the best Sportbike tires for your preference even if it is a bit expensive. 

    What are the Tips for maintaining your Sportbike tires?

    motorcycle tire

    • Countercheck the tires’ product date to ascertain that it is fresh. If a tire sits longer, it will dry out quickly. 
    • Elevate the tire pressure by about 10% to get better traction when riding on wet surfaces. If you aren’t aware of the required pressure, check for stickers on your Sportbike.
    • Improper alignment causes issues with premature wearing out and handling of the tires. It is best to check the tires’ positions if you possess a belt drive or chain. 
    • · Inspect the tires visually before riding your bike. When you are on the road, mitigate the chances of sharp objects, potholes to keep your tires working. 
    • It is noteworthy that it takes about 100 miles for the set of tires to break in to gain optimal grip. After breaking in, ensure that you counter check the pressure.
    • If you are racing, consider purchasing tire warmers. Just like electric blankets, tire warmers warm your tire rubber. 

    How to Effectively Read Sportbike Tires

    Alongside temperature grades, traction, and tread wear, there are other tire labels printed on the side that can help you figure out the best Sportbike tires. Nonetheless, the list is inexhaustible. Here are some standard labels present on Sportbike tires;

    • R: This indicates a radial tire that’s the current industry standard. 
    • M+S: it implies mud+ snow. Should your best Sportbike tires have this label, then your Sportbike can drive in such special conditions.  
    • Load index: the two to three number labels indicate the tires’ carrying capacity. If the numbers are higher, then the more weight it can effortlessly carry. 
    • Speed rating: These ratings usually range from L to Y. This, for instance, is to imply that the M rating would be for spare tires because they aren’t capable of driving speedily. You can also find such ratings on light trucks and passenger tires with T, S, and R ratings.  
    • Aspect ratio: It is a two-digit type of label that shows the correlation between tires’ width and height. states that any number below 50 indicates shorter sidewalls that provide enhanced steering response and improved overall handling. If you are indecisive, search for a low aspect ratio to get extra stability while riding.  

    Which Sportbike tires are the best? Replacement Vis a Vis Original Equipment 

    Before stipulating out which are the best according to preference, it is best to understand these terms. Original equipment tires commonly abbreviated as (OE) are existential in the time of manufacture and purchase.

    Tire brands explicitly designate them to suit your Sportbike model and makes. 

    On the other hand, replacement tires customarily referred to as new tires tend to be generic models that aren’t suited precisely to a specific bike.

    When you are buying tires, you will notice the differences between the two types of tires. So what are the best Sportbike tires for you? All that boils down to your preference. Nonetheless, here are some quick facts about the two types. 

    Original equipment

    • Are pricey and require frequent replacements
    • Needs high specialized sportbikes
    • Functions best for bikes dependent on structure and manufacturer assembly

    Replacement tires

    • Are long-lasting
    • Slightly cheaper
    • Might alter how your ride depends on the tires you select.
    • They are technologically advanced as well as are a better fuel-efficient option. 

    What Are The Top 6 Best Rated Sportbike Tires In 2022?

    Michelin Pilot Power

    Michelin Pilot Power Sportbike Tires

    Starting off the review is the renowned Michelin’s Michelin Pilot Power tires, currently hands down superbly moto tires. They function best even in street bikes and sportbikes. They are categorized precisely in supermoto because upon testing, they rode supermoto impressively. 

    Just like other Michelin types of tires, Pilot Power is designated specifically with MotoGP know-how basis. Pilot power series are equipped with unique rubber compounds, which lower the warm-up timing. 

    With soft rubber in the mix, what else would you expect apart from authentic performance and superior grip even upon degrading?

    The designated tread patterns have a sleek peculiar groove area that offers unmatched cornering adhesion. Besides, it offers crazy lean angles of 50.6 o in semi-arid conditions. In wet areas, it provides 41.6o.


    • Impressive traction and perfect grip
    • Affordable and of high quality thus you get value for your money
    • Ideal in dry and wet conditions
    • It has a W speed rate; of over 168mph speeds. 
    • Reliable and long-lasting


    • The manufacturers could better the Tread life of these tires. 
    • Coating tends to be slippery. It needs breaking in. 
    • If not properly stored, flat spots appear soon.

    Bridgestone Battlecross X30

    bridgestone battlecross X30

    When talking of the best, it is arduous to leave out the Bridgestone BattleCrossX30 best Sportbike tires. Usually, off riders tend to be particular about the tires they use. One’s taste of tires mightn’t favor another. That is why Bridgestone manufactures tires designated tires that are versatile and suit every rider’s preference.

    They are a set of neutral dirt tires developed for all intermediate terrains and suit every riding style. These tires are by far the best when it comes to versatility.

    These Bridgestone tires typically are great for both veterans and rookie dirt bikers. If you are a newbie biker, these tires provide outstanding grip as well as overconfident inspirational traction. This enables rookie riders to comprehend the off-roading fundamentals when riding.   

    On the other hand, seasoned bikers will fancy the gap absorption and superior traction alongside an optimized profile. 

    Similar to off-road sets of tires, the Bridgestone tires utilize an inner tube. Additionally, they’re rated M for up to 80mph. Bikers who love the versatility and quality of tires shouldn’t leave this set-out. 


    • Great for both veterans and rookies
    • Versatile
    • Possesses an asymmetric block type of pattern tread
    • Quality sets for off-roading 


    • The front tire wears out easily
    • They aren’t DOT approved for off-roading
    • They don’t perform well in deep sandy

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Sportbike Tires

    Moving on swiftly, we have the famous and popular Pirelli tires alongside Diablo Rosso brand rubbers, which are still setting standards to date.

    Diablo is a family born in the early 2002s. These tires are usually conjoined with top-notch superbikes standardly. Hence you need to replace your existential Pirellis with similar units or even upgrade olden rubber to these Diablo III tires.

    They are expensive but worth it. Developed by Pirelli World Superbike Championship expertise, the tires provide perfect handling and grip for public roads and race tracks. Perpetually the profile’s designated for any agile response. This is to imply that with bi -compound designations, the tires provide full grip significantly from the mid lean angle. 

    Also, there’s an existential flash racing type of tread pattern in the tires with high-performance, durable silica compounds.

    These compounds permit for exact grip regardless of the condition given herewith. Such sports consistently focused tubeless Sportbike tires are perfect for bikers searching for confident grips, unconditional weather usability, and a great life span. Also, they are of high performance. 


    • Vast contact patch
    • Versatile and long-lasting tires
    • Wrated for over 168mph speeds
    • Top-quality


    • They are pricey, unlike other tires in this review
    • Are very soft for particular climates

    Shinko 777 White Wall Cruisers

    Shinko 777 White Wall Cruisers

    Should you be searching for the best Sportbike tires for cruisers, SHINKO 777 will do wonders. The brand mightn’t be famous yet, but the quality is impressive considering the price range that they come in at.

    The brand is a Japanese and Korean joint venture that’s been curating top-notch tires since 1946. Thus you can rely on their capability of making your rides smooth and effortless. Regarding Shinko 777 White Wall tires, they improve handling and are even hard to wear out. They also have a beautiful sleek look, which attracts many bikers and riders all together. 

    Designated particularly for massive cruisers, these Shinko tires provide a perfect combo of mileage and traction for the best cruising performance. This improves extensive longevity and precise handling. 

    Lengthy haul cruise bikers claimed that there had been impressive improvement courtesy of these tubeless 777 tires. Besides, they feature directional tread patterns, making them perfect for biking in dry and wet areas.

    With the serene white walls, these tires are attractive and luring from any side. Make your fellow bikers envious by using these tires. We recommend that you first invest in the rear and front tire set and counter check rim size before making any purchase.  


    • They are recommended for substantial displacement cruisers
    • Existential in 6 or 4 ply variants
    • H rated, implying that the maximum speed is 130mph.
    • They are beautiful courtesy of the white walls
    • Can be versatile for various applications
    • Top-notch quality


    • It needs extra maintenance due to its white walls which run over
    • You need to purchase the rear and front combo separately

    Metzeler Tourance Tires

    Metzeler Tourance Tires

    You can never go wrong with Metzeler motorcycle tires because they are simply awesome. Nonetheless, should you be searching for the best products, you might consider other products, but in regards to worthy rubber tires, Metzeler takes the accolade. 

    They are mainly developed for the maximum modern performance of enormous capacity enduro types of machines, which offer monumental off-roading grip.

    About the percentage, they’re 15 percent off-road and 85% on the road. What this implies is that you can’t be traversing disastrous landslides on them. 

    However, some unsealed roads and dry riverbeds won’t be a problem per se.   The Metzeler is highly recommended for authentic superb dual-sport biking experiences. Comfortable riding, long mileage as well as stable handling are automatically guaranteed. 


    • They are rated H- for 130mph speeds 
    • Perfect for wet and muddy conditions
    • Long lifespan and doesn’t wear out easily 
    • Top-notch quality


    • Not suitable for challenging terrains
    • Rare reports of puncture
    • Fairly pricey 

    Shinko 008 Race Slick

    Shinko 008 Race Slick

    Selecting the best Sportbike tire is not easy. At racing levels, the tire choice either breaks or makes the race outcome. There are several things you need to account for; different compounds need to be considered. This is to comprehend operating temperature and the climate that can alter it all. 

    For casual bikers, the main thing to consider is the cost. Racing bikes are pricey and are often changed regularly to get great results.

    Thus you will require affordable Sportbike tires, which also perform. These tires are none other than the Shinko 008 race slicks because they’re radially constructed courtesy of an aramid belt and softer compound slick treads. 

    It’s these fat tires that possess the most extraordinary patch to asphalt to achieve perfect grip and traction.   Also, their price ranges are very splendid.

    Should you be a regular biker who regularly burns via tires speedily, then you might need to purchase these sets. However, it is noteworthy that they aren’t road legal and are best for short courses and drag racing.


    • Economical tires
    • Readily available
    • Softer compound construction 
    • Long-lasting tires


    • You need to purchase the tires separately
    • Not legal on roads
    • The manufacturers need to improve the tread life 


    Question: How does one tell if the Sportbike tires are best? 

    Answer: Inbuilt tread wear indicators are usually set at 0.8mm. Thus if they commence showing, you need to replace them immediately. Treadwear indicators are the seeable bars that go across the threads’ grooves.  

    Question: Is it arduous to change Sportbike tires? 

    Answer: Whether it’s flat or you prefer to change yourself, it is simple to remove and then fit the new one. 

    Question: Do I need to replace both Sportbike tires at the same time? 

    Answer: NoIf the front tire provides good tread life, then it is needless to replace the rear too. Nonetheless, if they are both worn out and have stayed over five years since the manufacture date, then it is high time to replace them all. 

    Question: Can one plug Sportbike tires?

    Answer: You need to plug only when the hole is entirely in the tire’s tread area. Several dealerships and repair shops don’t plug motorcycle tires, and if they unsuccessfully do it, you are in for damages and injuries. Some experts also say that only the rear can be plugged and not the front tires. 


    Our best option is the Pirelli Diablo tires because of their high quality make, and they serve both newbies and veterans.

    They are also versatile and perform a lot of needs. That said, it is noteworthy that you need to do your due diligence when purchasing your sets of tires for your sportbikes to mitigate any unforeseen problems. Ride safely and be cautious. 

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